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When going overseas to study for the first time, you might be encumbered with the thought of things to take with you. If only you could simply move your whole house over there! Well, needless to say, in all you get to pick with you, your documents must not be missing. American Visa Lottery Application Form 2021/2022 Is Out

The other important thing is knowing what not to take along. If you know the “forbidden,” then you can easily make a better choice of your selection.

The following are things you shouldn’t bother to pick with you. Leave them for your people at home; that’d be generous of you!

  1. Your Whole Library

As a student — a studious human being — it’s commendable that you love your books. Bravo! But just pick a few with you.

  1. Electronics

Your laptop, iPhone, wristwatch, and chargers are just enough to go with. Keep back the rest. No, your camera tripod is not necessary. 5 Top demanded jobs in Canada.

  1. Aerosols

This includes your sprays, insecticide, and all in that category. When you get over there, you can always buy them. The basic things such as your toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and sponge are sufficient. 5 Things to Know as a Student Abroad

  1. Your Whole Wardrobe

One way to check the common temptation or desire to carry all your clothes is to travel with a small bag that will just contain a limited number of clothes.

In addition, ensure the clothes you travel with and wear are culturally and professionally appropriate. And avoid taking all your shoes, especially the heavy ones.

  1. So Much Cash

In our modern world of e-banking, ATM, and POS, carrying a large amount of foreign or local currency is unwise. You set yourself up for some unpalatable experiences by doing that.

Don’t even consider the alternative of a money belt. That’s for tourists, and even they are strongly advised against it.

  1. Poison and Explosives

This includes batteries and other industrial and laboratory chemicals.

  1. Medicines

If you must hold any, you must have your official doctor’s statement regarding them.

  1. Bottles and Similar Containers

Be assured that you will be confiscated of these at the airport. If you think the contents are permissible, consider using a different package.

  1. Foodstuff

Well, with the growing awareness of the need of eating one’s local food while abroad, officials are sometimes lenient with the prohibition of foodstuff.

Find out which foodstuff is allowed and the accepted packaging methods for them.

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